Vocal Sound Therapy

  1. Sing yourself free
    – in a 1-1 therapy session you will use your voice to find and release traumas in your psyche and body. It is also exellent for getting a free voice in regards to speaking and singing. I specialize in voice release therapy. Singing lessons with a therapeutic approach and good for people with a blocked throat, tone deafness and traumas related to the voice.
  2. Vocal soundhealing
    – With vocal sound scanning I am able to find traumas in your body/psyche and help them dissolve through resonant vibrations. I specialize in deep frequencies and have helped a lot of people with a wide variety of symptoms/problems.

    Treatments may include various techniques and helping tools when suitable, for unblocking and release of neck/throat area and spine. Like massage, zone therapy, aerial yoga, Iyengar backbender, Steam therapy, fire therapy.

Contact info and prices:

Tel: 612 712 12

Mail: booking@runi.nu

Vridsløsemagle (16 km outside Copenhagen) – 1,5 – 2 hrs / 500 kr.

At your place – 1,5 – 2 hrs / 600+ kr.

(If you´re financially challenged or need a series of appointments, we can talk about it.)