Dj Runiji

Dj Runiji is my artistic alterego. I deliberately call it Dj, because i want to be able to do whatever i want artistically. Freedom of expression and no cultural, stylistic or technical boundaries are the key words. i create organic music, soundscapes and beats in the moment.

A blend of live instruments like silverflute, piano, keyboards, guitar, voices and percussion with loopstation, electronics and prerecorded tracks/beats.

Two meditative albums are due to be published and released soon.

Solo concerts

– Meditative concerts, sound journeys, music for ceremonies, contact impro, dance impro, cuddle events, art receptions etc.

Dj sets

– organicly created dance music with live elements blending in. My style is broad, I prefer dance music with real instruments in focus. Be ready for crossover sets of tribal ecstatic dance, electro swing, balkan cabaret, afrofunk, ethnic fusion etc….anything really, if its got soul and you can hear the humans behind the music. In between I do live creation of chilly relaxing music plateaus. Soundscapes from samples and live instruments like fx the purring of a snowleopard combined with nature sounds and a shakuhachi style flute melody.

I am happily willing to accommodate music for most occassions. Please dont hesitate to contact me to have a talk about your request.

Here is a little trailer from my facebook page:

Dj Runiji – sounscapes trailer