Music Coach

I am happy to guide you in learning an instrument. I am very good at teaching you the basic elements of music and musicality and in helping you to find your own style and sound.

No matter if you sing or what instrument you play, rhythm is the foundation of musicality. If you develop a good relation to your inner pulse and from this a good understanding of rhythm, everything else will be much easier from that point. Music is vibrations, everything in life is vibrations. Understanding pulse, rhythm, time and feeling from experience, is the key to good musicianship.

I recommend starting with the piano, it is the foundation of western music and incorporates the basic elements of music – rhythm and melody. Also it is easier to understand the theory of chords and scales at the piano.

I specialize in helping with songwriting, composing, improviation, arranging, producing etc.

Prices and contact info:

1,5 – 2 hrs / 500 kr – Vridsløsemagle (16km outside Copenhagen)

1,5 – 2 hrs / 600 kr – At your place (Copenhagen area)

(If you´re financially challenged or need a series of appointments, we can talk about it.)

Tel: 612 712 12 / Mail: